Facial Shaping & Sculpting

At Transform, we believe that every feature should be your best feature. And with facial shaping, that’s never been more true. 

Facial shaping is a growing field of cosmetic medicine that uses Botulinum Toxin A and dermal fillers to sculpt your facial structure for improved definition, balance, and beautification of your facial structure. 

Through an assessment, we can personalise a treatment plan to include a combination of treatments that will give your face definition, symmetry and a more youthful appearance.

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How facial shaping & sculpting work

For the aging face

As we age, our facial shape changes. Aging has an effect on our skeletal structure, bone volume, and subcutaneous fat volume in our face, and this can have a deflating effect. As a result, signs of ageing become more obvious, even from a distance. The temples, jowls and cheeks often appear sunken. 

With the right combination of injectables & other treatments, however, we can turn back the clock and reverse the shadows that may give a 'gaunt' look.

A combination of treatments can be used to restore lost volume and definition, reduce fat, relax certain muscles, and lift certain parts of the face to achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

Enhancing the face

With precise and expert placement, we can enhance the overall natural-beauty of the face by treating certain features of the face to contour and improve symmetry, facial balance, definition and proportions.

Treatment Options

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to sculpt & enhance facial features. They are commonly used to sculpt features such as the cheeks, tear troughs, nose, temples, chin, and jawline. 

Common areas for men include the jawline, chin and cheekbones, which may be enhanced to give a more youthful, masculine appearance. 

Fillers can also be used to rejuvenate your face by lifting and defining certain features for a brighter, younger-looking appearance and improved skin quality.

Botulinum Toxin A

Botulinum Toxin A can be used to make the face appear more slender and less box-like. Commonly used to slim the jaw, the lower pole of the jaw / masseter muscle is injected and as a result, over time, the size of the muscle decreases, and thereby creates a slimmer appearance. 

PDO MINT™ Thread Lifts

PDO MINT™ Thread Lifts are a non-invasive treatment used to instantly improve facial sagging with little to no recovery time needed. These thread lifts lift drooping & sagging skin to restore lost facial volume. 


How long does the treatment last?

In general, most fillers have a half-life of 6-18 months. However, the longevity of dermal filler is dependent on various factors such as product type, location, needle depth, amount of filler, and the patient’s metabolic rate. 

Results are rarely perfect with one treatment, but can always be perfected by adding more before it has worn off.

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Individual results may vary.

Mandatory Product Information


Belotero®  is a Class III medical device to smooth facial wrinkles and folds, correct facial atrophic scars, restore or enhance the lips or restore facial volume.
Belotero has risk and benefits.  Ask your specialist if Belotero is right for you. 
Contains transparent cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel of non-animal origin with lidocaine 0.3% to reduce local pain. 
Do not use if you have a skin inflammation or a skin infection or until the infection is healed. 
Precautions.  There is a risk of infection. Tell your doctor if you are on blood-clotting medicines as there could be an increased risk of bruising or bleeding at the injection site.  
Possible side effects: swelling, bruising, redness hardening of the skin, pain, altered colour or itching. 
Lasts 6-12 months 
You will need to pay for this product and doctor’s fees apply. 
Merz, Sydney. Distributed by Healthcare Logistics, Auckland 

Juvederm Ultra™ & Juvederm Ultra Plus™

Juvederm Ultra™ & Juvederm Ultra Plus™ are medical devices Class III for the filling of medium size and deep facial wrinkles by injection into the skin and for creating definition and volume in the lips. Contains 24mg/mL. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid Juvederm has risks and benefits. Cautions: Use in an area that has been treated with another dermal filler, people with autoimmune disease, or who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age or have an increased susceptibility to keloid formation and hypertrophic scarring. People on blood thinning medicines. Possible side effects: injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling, itching/pain on pressure) induration or nodules; discolouration; weak filling effect. If you have side effects or concerns, speak to your doctor.

Product and treatment costs will apply.

Note: Juvederm treatment lasts about 12-24 months.

For product information check with your doctor or product information at Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.


Restylane® is a gel containing hyaluronic acid and lidocaine that is injected by a healthcare professional into or below the skin to smooth facial wrinkles and enhance lips by restoring volume and fullness. Restylane is a Class III medical device and has risks and benefits.

Restylane® treatment may result in some redness, swelling, pain or tenderness, itching and/or bruising which may last a few days. Inflammatory reactions can begin up to two to four weeks after treatment in rare cases. See your healthcare professional if any side effects concern you. Exposure to excessive sunlight or extreme cold should be avoided until redness or swelling has resolved.  

Restylane® should not be used in an area where there is a non-resorbable implant or in irritated or infected skin, Restylane® should not be used in people taking blood thinning medicines or who have an allergy to hyaluronic acid, lidocaine or other local anaesthetics. Caution if you take medicines that prolong bleeding time.   

Treatment lasts 12-24 months. 

Restylane has not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU ARE GIVEN. Galderma, Auckland. Distributed by Healthcare Logistics, Auckland.



TEOSYAL® PURESENSE DEEP LINES, TEOSYAL® PURESENSE ULTIMATE and TEOSYAL® PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP TEOSYAL KISS®, RHA KISS®, TEOSYAL® MESO,  TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION, TEOSYAL® DEEP LINES, , TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE and TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP  are trademark of the firm TEOXANE SA. These products are gel that contains hyaluronic acid, and 0.3% by weight of lidocaine hydrochloride They are class III medical devices.

Caution for people on blood thinning medicines.

Local side effects: inflammatory reactions (redness, oedema, pain at the point of injection), haematomas, itching, temporary loss of sensitivity around the injected area, disorders of pigmentation in skin and hair, abscesses, indurations, nodules (possibly granulomas). 

General manifestations: immediate hypersensitivity up to anaphylactic shock, migration of the implant. Rare but serious adverse events associated with the intravascular injection of soft tissue fillers in the face have been reported and include temporary or permanent vision impairment or blindness, skin necrosis and stroke.

Lasts 9 -12 months.

Please consult your physician or pharmacist for more information. Please refer to instructions for use.

Healthcare Logistics, Auckland.


Sculptra ®

Sculptra® is a poly-L-lactic acid implant liquid that is injected by a healthcare professional into or below the skin to increase the volume of depressed areas, particularly to correct skin depressions.

Class III Medical Device. Sculptra ® may also be used for large volume restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss.

Sculptra has risks and benefits.

Sculptra ® treatment may result in injection site reactions and pain. Ask your healthcare professional to explain the range of possible side effects and tell them if any side effects concern you.

Sculptra ® should not be injected into the skin that is inflamed or infected. Exposure to excessive sunlight or UV lamp exposure should be avoided until redness or swelling has resolved. Sculptra® is not recommended for people taking blood-thinning medicines and has not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women or those aged under 18 years.


Galderma Australia, Sydney. Distributed by Healthcare Logistics Auckland.