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Tired of stubborn body fat that just won’t go away? Even with a balanced diet and regular exercise, nothing seems to work. Well, the time has come. 

With body sculpting, we’ll help you look and feel your best. Among the best in New Zealand, our sculpting services eliminate fat and tighten skin without the need for surgery.

It’s hard to tighten your inner thighs, “love handles”, and stomach. We make it easy. If you want to drop a few centimetres so you can feel great, get in touch with us today.


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How Body Sculpting Works

Body sculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that destroys unwanted fat cells using lasers, vibrations, or injections. At Transform, we use and love TightSculpting®. And it works in just two steps: 

Tighten deep skin and reduce fat with PIANO® pulse

The PIANO® pulse rapidly delivers concentrated energy to fat cells without harming other skin cells. This energy stimulates the metabolism of these cells, effectively destroying them. As the fat burns away, your deeper layers of skin begin to tighten up. 

Tighten skin surface with SMOOTH® pulse

Now that the deep-rooted fat is gone, it’s time to tighten up the top layer of skin. The SMOOTH® pulse heats surface tissue, stimulating collagen production and healing. 

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Get results fast

You’ve already lost weight, that’s the hard part. But no matter how much you diet or exercise, that unwanted fat isn’t going anywhere. Instead of fighting a losing battle against your body composition, wipe that fat away in just a few treatments. 

Boost your self-confidence

Look great. Feel great. You’re at your best when you feel confident. So why not feel that all the time?

With body sculpting, you can finally get the dream body you’ve been chasing for so long. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the effects of body sculpting last?

The fat cells that are broken down are eliminated permanently. 

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required vary between clients. For best results, most require 8 sessions over the course of 4 months. Each session lasts between 20-60 minutes and must be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart.

Are there side effects to body sculpting?

Mild side effects such as redness and minor swelling that will diminish after a few hours. Your practitioner will go over with you any treatment risks in detail.

What does it feel like?

During the treatment, the overall sensation can be similar to a hot stone massage or dry sauna. Post treatment your skin may feel warm to the touch and may be pink or even red for a few days. 

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary with every individual. Most clients will notice an immediate improvement followed by a gradual change as fat cells break down.

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