Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy
  1. An ultrasound map is done to guide.
  2. The doctor will insert a catheter into the appropriate vein.
  3. Treatment is effected by injecting a micro-foam into the vein.
  4. The medicine reacts with the inside of the vein and the body reacts by shutting down the vein. The blood flow diverts back into the deeper, normal veins and improves the circulation.

Sclerotherapy is a 30 minute, virtually painless procedure with huge advantages over surgery, including no general anesthetic, no stitches, no hospital admission needed, and no time off work. It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure which is about half the cost of surgery.

Varicose Vein Treatment Christchurch
Endovenous LASER Ablation
  1. An ultrasound map is done to guide.
  2. The Doctor will insert a catheter into the appropriate vein. Then you will be injected with an anaesthetic to numb the leg, this also empties blood out of the vein and protects surrounding tissue.
  3. Energy in the form of radiofrequency (Vnus closure®) or laser light (EVLT) creates a heat ideally of 85 degrees emitted from the catheter to heat the vein wall.
  4. This causes the vein to shrink and close, redirecting blood to healthier veins.
  5. This procedure takes around 1 hour.
Venaseal Ablation (vein glue)
  1. An ultrasound map is done to guide.
  2. The Doctor will insert a catheter into the appropriate vein.
  3. Then small portions of Venaseal glue (vein glue) is deposited down the length of the unwanted vein followed by some gentle pressure.
  4. This squeezes the vein closed permanently.

This treatment is a growing trend worldwide as does not leave much dead blood (clot) in the vein. There is also a very reduced risk of damage to the nearby structures, which include nerves. This treatment can be used safely in the lower leg area. This treatment causes only a minor discomfort, has less need to wear a stocking afterwards, and involves less use of needles, as we do not need to numb the vein.

How Long Will It Take?

These are walk-in-walk-out procedures, so can easily be done over an hour. We have an anaesthetic cream available to ease the very small amount of discomfort some clients feel.

Will my Health Insurance cover the costs?

This is something you need to ask your insurers and it varies with different policies.  All insurance companies see tese procedures as equivalent to a surgical procedure and are covered if you have surgical cover.  Insurance companies would only be willing to fund treatment if there is a medical necessity to do so.  Medical criteria such as the presence of symptoms and signs, and only for large veins.  This has to be documented in our report of assessment. We have affiliations with almost all the major Health Insurers and can often charge them directly for your convenience.


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