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From the age of 25 years, our collagen and elastin production slows down, affecting our overall appearance. We offer treatments that improve the elasticity and hydration or “plumpness and bounciness” of the skin, refreshing your appearance to appear more youthful and glowing. 

Currently, our best option to do this is using the latest cosmetic injectable, Profhilo®.


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Profhilo® is an injectable hybrid hyaluronic acid gel and is one of the latest innovations to treat skin laxity by subcutaneous stimulation. Profhilo® boosts the production of elastin and collagen in your skin, resulting in firmer, tighter skin and may restore volume to sagging or sunken areas. 

Profhilo® won the best new aesthetic product award for 2018 in UK and it has really taken off due to the hype and popularity across the UK and in Australia. At Transform Clinic, we have been treating with Profhilo® for the past two years and we firmly believe that it is a treatment that is here to stay.

Results are visible after only 2 sessions 4 weeks apart. Treatment results last for over 3 years. Profhilo® can be repeated 6-12 monthly to maintain the best possible results. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Profhilo FAQ

How is Profhilo different from dermal fillers?

Profhilo® is not a dermal filler but it is a hybrid hyaluronic acid gel. Rather than add volume like traditional dermal fillers, Profhilo® boosts the production of elastin and collagen in your skin, resulting in firmer, tighter skin and may restore volume to sagging or sunken areas.

So, although your appearance may look utterly rejuvenated after having Profhilo®, the improvements made are more natural looking in the sense that you would not be able to spot the changes as a result of an injectable treatment.

Who is Profhilo® suitable for?

Profhilo is a universal treatment, suitable for clients from in their late 20s and older.

·       Preventative: patients from late 20s and older who are keen to maintain and stimulate the body's natural cell renewal cycles, producing fresher, clearer, glowing skin

·       Restorative: More mature patients who wish to address existing depletion, including lost significant suppleness and firmness, increased laxity, noticeable dullness and creases in the skin.

Where is Profhilo® used to treat?

Face, neck, decolletage, hands – Profhilo® is especially effective at treating any areas prone to laxity and sagging such as these areas.

What is involved with the Profhilo treatment?

Profhilo® is a non-invasive, swift and non-permanent 'filler' that targets skincare rather than beauty or cosmetic adjustments. The product is strategically placed at five key points of the face (but can be used to treat other areas as well, see above).


Individual results may vary.


Profhilo®, containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class III medical device for the treatment of the face and body for contours redefinition and laxity remodelling where skin laxity is a problem.  Profhilo has risks and benefits. Do not use with treatments such a laser resurfacing or medium deep skin-peeling. Do not inject into inflamed areas or intravenously or intramuscularly. Possible side effects: pain and swelling at injection site. Accelagen Pty.  Ltd. Whanganui.