Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

It probably doesn't hurt as much as you think it would. Most people find that the ice cooling treatment prior to injections is enough, however, we do have some local anasthetic options available should you choose. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. 

Numbing options:

  • Cooling with ice and a cooling machine
  • Local anasthetic cream - numbs the area of skin to be treated
  • Local anasthetic dental block - completely numbs the area.
I don't want to look too different or unnatural, should I get lip dermal fillers?

We are all about natural-looking results to enhance your natural appearance. Dermal fillers can be used subtly to enhance your lips by improving volume, shape, definition and symmetry. It is also good to note that as we age, our appearance changes dramatically and dermal fillers can actually help to restore your appearance to look more youthful. 

At Transform Clinic, we have over 30 years of experience with dermal fillers and we are experts at analysing and treating each unique face. In your consultation, we can discuss treatment options with you to achieve your desired result.


Will I bruise after the treatment?

On very rare occasions you may bruise as bruising is always a risk with any injectable treatment.

How much will it cost?

We offer free consultations with our Registered Nurses and in your consultation they can provide you a quote for the treatment. 

Our cosmetic injectable treatments are not priced per unit of product as we price for the area and desired result.

Read more about prices for cosmetic injectable treatments here.

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