IPL Skin Rejuvenation

What is IPL skin treatment?

IPL (intense pulse light) skin treatment is a non-surgical facial treatment that removes skin blemishes and improves skin texture, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin. 

Concentrated light is directed at the cells responsible for pigmentation, sun damage, and redness. Pigment cells in the skin absorb the light and heat, which as a result, breaks down the pigment.

Our personalised IPL skin treatments effectively:

  • Remove skin blemishes like freckles, age spots, acne scars, and facial veins
  • Repair sun-damaged damaged skin like brown pigment spots and fading, broken veins & blood vessels
  • Increase collagen & elastin production to tighten skin and minimise fine lines & wrinkles

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Our Treatments

Elōs® Fotofacial RF

The Elōs® Fotofacial RF is one of our most popular treatments at Transform Clinic, and for good reason. Elōs® combines energies from radio frequency (RF) and IPL in the same pulse for a more effective treatment. This results in a greater improvement in skin texture, tone, and colour than that seen using only light.

IPL skin treatment for blemishes

Looking to get rid of freckles, acne scarring, facial veins, or sunspots? With IPL photorejuvenation, say goodbye to ageing skin blemishes and pigment discolorations in just a 30-minute treatment. A course of treatments is usually recommended for the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get IPL skin treatment?

If you’re looking to remove blemishes, improve pigmentation, repair sun damage, or freshen the skin on your face, IPL might be right for you. In your consultation, we will discuss the treatment options with you and our recommended treatment plan to achieve your desired result. 

What should I do after treatment?

After your facial, it’s important that you avoid any prolonged UV exposure for at least four weeks to avoid damaging the already sensitive skin. If you must be in direct sunlight, it’s important to wear protective sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. We recommend Dermatech Skincare’s Dermablock 30+.

Is there anyone that is not suitable for IPL skin treatment?

We do not offer IPL therapy to those who:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are regularly tanning
  • Are on medication which increases light sensitivity
What is the difference between IPL rejuvenation and laser resurfacing?

IPL rejuvenation and laser resurfacing are both used to treat damaged skin. However, there is a key difference in the type of light. IPL releases light of many different wavelengths in short bursts and is more scattered, whereas laser light is more focussed, and is focussed on one wavelength of light.

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Lasers, IPL, skin peels, RF cautery and skin bleaching creams are available at Transform Clinic.

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