PDO MINTâ„¢ Threads

The PDO MINT™ Thread lift is a non-invasive treatment for facial sagging with instant results and very little to no downtime. MINT™ Threads may be used to restore lost facial volume and lift drooping and sagging skin. 

The new generation PDO absorbable revitalizing threads are very different to the older type of threads. There are different types of threads with two aims:

  • to suspend or reposition the skin; and
  • to thicken, stiffen and revitalise thin, wrinkly skin.

Our Treatments

These absorbable threads have the advantage of dissolving within 9 months, yet still maintaining the revitalizing effect for several years to come before another procedure is considered. Another advantage is their cannula insertion as it reduces the risk of bruising. A revitalizing thread lift with these new generation absorbable threads is an effective and cost-conscious way to achieve the desired result without scarring and with minimal downtime.

Although individual results may vary, common results achieved with MINT™ PDO Threads include:

• Heart shaped, higher cheekbone contour

• Fox eye lift / eye contour

• Defined jaw line

• Softer smile lines / nasalabial folds

• Softer eyebrows

• Smoother neck lines

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