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Laser for Ugly Toenails

Many people get chronic fungal infections under the toenails and over many years end up with thickened white ugly toenails. Traditionally antifungal creams, potions and tablets have had poor percentage of success due to a lack of penetration to the site of the fungus - deep in the thickened inert poor blood supplied base of the nail.

In the last few years a technique of using laser energy to penetrate through and heat the fungal infection to sufficient temperature to destroy it. This appears to work quite well although results can never be guaranteed. It simply means attendance for a monthly treatment where the only adverse effect seems to be a warm sensation around the toe at the time of treatment!

We have been using our long pulse NdYag laser with success and are now offering this service to our clients, so if you have thick white toenails, why not make at appointment and see if we can help.

Only available at the Christchurch clinic where we house our ND Yag Coolglide.