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5 reasons to love lip enhancement!

Lip filler isn't only about increasing size, there are many other ways in which lip filler can enhance your lips and overall appearance.

Sharper definition

Lip filler can give you sharper definition and minimise fine lines and wrinkles at the edge of your lips.

Enhance or restore volume and fullness

If you want to enhance the volume or restore lost volume of your lips, filler works instantly to do so.

Symmetry and balance

Lip filler can correct any asymmetries and restore balance to your face. 

Add hydration

Lip fillers add hydration to your lips, making them feel and look smoother and juicier. 

Lip filler can look very natural! 

Lip filler can look natural and enhance your overall appearance without looking overdone - no duck lips to be seen here! 

 At Transform Clinic, we know lips! 

·       High-quality dermal filler and techniques to deliver natural-looking results.

·       Experienced and skilled practitioners.

·       Our doctor is available with over 30 years of expertise.

·       Expertise in solving problems with clients that have had previous adverse events with cosmetic injectables.

·       Free consultations and free (and encouraged) follow-up consultations.

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