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New! Ultrasound for Assessing Faces

I am proud to say Transform Clinic is the owner of a new ultrasound machine designed especially for assessing faces. This new technology gives us ultra-high-definition imaging of the skin, muscles, vessels, fascia and fillers in the face - improving our placement accuracy even more for injectables such as filler and filler dissolving medicines. 

How does the ultrasound improve my treatment?

By using ultrasound for vascular mapping, we can identify where to avoid injecting; reducing the risk of bruising and other complications. 

Ultrasound for dissolving filler?

Ultrasound is the gold standard for evaluating patients who have had filler complications and want to remove filler that is inflamed, overdone or unwanted placement for aesthetic purposes. We can guide the dissolving medicines to exactly where they are required. This technique is even more important in the case of the very rare but catastrophic complication of intra-arterial blockage.


Improved results, less risk of complications, less bruising, better treatments.

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