Facial Plans 2022

Transform Clinic has four new facial plans of 12 monthly-treatments designed to help you achieve your skin goals in 2022. All of these plans include a year of monthly treatments for improved results, healthier skin, and savings on treatments!

Only available for a limited time. Gift vouchers available. To purchase - contact us or come see us at 52a Mandeville Street. If you are unsure about any of the plans available, book a free consultation and we can advise or personalise a treatment plan for you.

Smooth Skin*

The Smooth Skin plan will boost the overall health and quality of your skin. Your skin will look smoother, brighter, and healthier. 

6x Microneedling +Glycolic

6x Dermaplaning + Glycolic

$2200 (valued at $2780)


Skin Renewal*

The Skin Renewal plan will refresh and renew your skin to reveal a more even toned, healthy complexion. This plan is especially good if you’d like to reduce pigmentation and brighten your skin. 

3x ELOS Fotofacials

3x Microdermabrasion + Glycolic Peel

3x Vitamin C Infusions

3x Dermatech Refresher Facials

$1800 (valued at $2235)

Radiant Skin*

The Radiant Skin plan is a great one for boosting the health, radiance, and youthfulness of your skin. Regular ‘Glow and go’ facials with our Fotona laser will improve the elasticity and overall quality of your skin for a youthful, healthier glow. 

6x Fotona ‘Glow and go’ Facials

6x Clinical Facials*

$2200 (valued at $2910)

Luxury Pamper*

If your new years resolution is all about making time for self-care and relaxation, then the luxury pamper plan is for you. This is also makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift package for a loved one. 

8x Luxury Dermatech Facials (120mins)

4x Tropical Paradise Pedicures (60mins)

$1400 (valued at $1800)

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Must be completed within the 12-month period.
  • Non-transferrable.
  • Treatments cannot be interchanged.
  • Must be paid for upfront.
  • Offer only available until 31 January 2022
  • Treatments not valid towards loyalty card.
  • HydraFacials are not included.
  • Treatments non-refundable. 
  • Facial plans are for Transform Clinic Riccarton only.